Hello! My name is Patrick and this is a place where I share the things I see, do, experience, discover, find and collect. Although a Midwestern native, I have spent the majority of my adult life living in Los Angeles, with a recent 3 year stint in London. As referenced in the definitions, Den & Delve shares my interests in both creating a home or space as well as exploring and finding inspiration or objects.

Professionally, after working for nearly 20 years in the visual merchandising design industry, I’ve developed both a passion and talent for creating compelling environments and unique experiences while maintaining both customer needs and company integrity. In turn, I’ve developed an eye for products and objects that stand out from the common & everyday. In my free time, I continue to explore my creativity through interiors, design & the handmade where I can express my personal style in my own home and accessories, collaborate on special projects with others, or offer creative services in the many areas I have experienced and developed.

Unless otherwise noted, photos are taken by myself and should be credited appropriately. Thank you.